Natural Hub

With the Mediterranean on one side and Arabia on the other, Jordan sits at a natural crossroads between Europe and the Middle East, posing as a convenient meeting point for visitors coming from across the globe. 

Authenticity & Modernity

From the Greeks, Romans, and the mysterious Nabateans, to the Byzantines, Islamic Khalifates, and the Ottoman Empire, the authenticity and captivating heritage of this land takes you on a an inspirational journey back in time.  Amman is a bursting urban metropolitan with contemporary establishments, and modern lifestyles merged with the authentic vibes of ancient historical cities.

Foodie Heaven

Get a true taste of Middle Eastern cuisine infused with the indisputable kindness of the Jordanian people , themost candid genuine feature of Jordanian culture. Whatever your tastes buds are craving you’ll be able to find it here. 

Competent Professionals

The Jordan Convention Bureau team along with the entire professional industry will work closely throughout the event process to ensure efficiency and quality results. 

Specialized Knowledge

With an impressive 2000 researchers per 1 million capita, Jordan has one of the highest rates of per capita expenditure on research and development within the region.   Science and research are critical parts of evolving the innovation culture in Jordan as evidenced by the countless research centers operating in the fields of Energy, Medical, Technology, and Nanotechnology, among many others.  


The spectacular 7th wonder of the world is a sight for sore eyes.  Come and bask in its glorious ambience.

Dead Sea Escape

Relax your mind body and soul in the serenity of the Dead Sea. 

Holy Jordan

Get a glimpse into Jordan’s biblical past. 

Fun and Adventure

For all you adventure enthusiasts come and experience the ultimate journey , from camping under the desert stars , hiking regal  trails  , canyoning through the lowest nature reserve on earth , to more adrenaline pumping  activities like skydiving over the magnificent landscape of Wadi rum.

Hidden Gems

From pine tree covered mountains, spectacular emerald valleys, wetlands and oases, to the breathtaking deserts and the gorgeous underwater world of the Red Sea, there are endless hidden gems across the country.