With a wide range of unique experiences to inspire teams to reach and exceed their goals, Jordan’s incentive travel experiences will motivate the team to deliver business benefits both today and into the future.

From a cultural tour or experience, to wonderful live events surrounded by breathtaking cultural sites, or city tours – incentive travel and event experiences in Jordan provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the most passionate and high-performing employees.

Jordan’s experienced service providers, have the needed capability to arrange everything, leaving top performers to enjoy the experience. 

Some non-forgettable Jordan Incentive ideas include the following:

Roman Themed Gala dinner & Roman functions 

Enjoy a Roman themed dinner inside the Roman City of Jerash. Located in the northern part of Jordan, the city of Jerash is known to be within the most preserved Greco- Roman cities, a themed dinner with Roman atmosphere and Roman fighters is organized at the client’s convenience, with gladiator show 

Skydive over the Dead Sea 

Skydive over the Dead Sea at the lowest point on earth. Take the plunge and Skydive as part of a team to have an experience of a lifetime. 

Wadi Rum activities (Hiking and adventure, Yoga activities) in Wadi Rum 

In the protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. Wadi features dramatic sandstone mountains, it is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock and a haven for great adventures.

Secret Dinner in Little Petra

A candlelit dinner surrounded by the Nabatean Ruins of Little Petra, the famous World Wonder located in the southern part of Jordan, with entourage of ruins carved in rock, an unprecedented experience is obtained during this function. 

Wadi Mujib Adventure 

The Mujib biosphere is the lowest nature reserve in the world, with a spectacular array of scenery near the east coast of the Dead Sea, located within the deep Wadi Mujib gorge, enters the Dead Sea at 410m below sea level. With 5 different hiking trails including wet ones, as well as zipline, this reserve is a great site for team building activities.