Bid & Event Support program

Bid Support

Bid support is provided in the process of bidding for international and regional conferences, where the JCB provides the following:

  • Assistance to develop Bid strategy
  • Developing of Bid documents
  • Collection of support letters from institutions
  • Assistance during Site Inspections
  • Professional advice to promote and lobby
  • Cover costs of Bid documents
  • Cover costs of Bid presentation
  • Cover costs of Site inspections
  • Cover costs of Bid promotion


  • Bid support will be available for ALL rotating international (or regional) Conferences with reasonable potential to be held in Jordan.
  • Total amount of financial support in phase of bidding is limited up to 5,000 USD.
  • Relative support is projected to be 5-10 USD per international participant.

Event Support

Event support is provided in the process of organization of international and regional events in Jordan as well as national events with high potential for bidding.
Event support activities are usually limited to in kind contribution mostly focused to help the organization as well as to promote Jordan as destination and its culture and values. Support includes mainly in kind:

  • Promotional material about Jordan (including the JTB brochures,leaflets, collaterals)
  • City maps of local destinations (Amman, Dead Sea, Aqaba or Petra)
  • City tours or tourist guides (in partnership with local DMCs)
  • Gift program for delegates or board members as well as VIP gifts for lecturers or key note speakers.
  • Info desk at the airport and /or in conference venue (in partnership with the Airport or main venue).
  • Volunteer program and info service during the conference (in partnership with universities), etc.


  • Event support is available for all rotating international (or regional) conferences, as well as international (or regional) corporate meetings from the key industry sectors.
  • Event support is available (in smaller scale) for national congresses and local leaders with strong potential to bid for international congress and host it in Jordan in future.
  • Total amount of Event support is limited to 5,000 USD (predominantly secured as in kind contribution or through partnership arrangements with industry members or institutions)
  • Relative support is projected to be 5-10 USD per international participant.
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Subventions include a financial contribution towards the actual organizing of the event with high potential of return on investment as number of delegates, number of days, event profile, meeting legacy and promotion of Jordan, subventions include:

  • Welcome reception or ceremony, obligatory with promotion of Jordan culture and history.
  • Technical tours and site visits of Jordan scientific & business potential.
  • Promotional tours of Jordan cultural and tourism values.
  • Side events aimed to connect international thought leaders with Jordanian peers or students.
  • Specific legacy and outreach programs proposed by international associations.
  • Other activities aimed to connect Jordan thought leaders, scientific and academic institutions, as well as business potentials with international partners.


  • Non for profit international association meetings & conferences
  • Non for profit regional association meetings & conferences (Middle East, MENA, Pan Arab, Eastern Mediterranean, etc.)

Quantitative criteria

  1. Total number of delegates is 400 or more.
  2. Number of delegates from abroad is at least 40%.
  3. There is at least two nights stay during the event.
  4. There is a minimum of 400 room nights for international delegates during the event.

Qualitative criteria

  • To have elements of promotion of Jordan culture and history.
  • To have elements of promotion of Jordan as knowledge based society.
  • To have economic, social, and cultural impacts or proposed legacy program.
  • To have specific objectives for promotion of Jordan position within international relations.
  • To have elements of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
  • To be focused on key industry sectors: medical & healthcare, biotech/life sciences, ICT, tourism, science & education, financial services and telecommunications.

Financial Amount of Subvention:

  1. Up to 20-30 USD per participant.
  2. Maximum support per event is 30,000 USD

Procedures for Events support and Subvention Program:

  • Event Support & Subvention Program is financed by the Jordan Tourism Board, through the Jordan Convention Bureau which is institution responsible to manage and announce the program.
  • Event Support & Subvention Program application form. *Please note that applications must be sent by the end of the year, for following year conferences.

*Application must be sent by the local association or by the international associations supported by the local host.

* Applications must include:

  1. Description of the event.
  2. Explanation about the local host organization
  3. Explanation about international association and its goals
  4. Provisional budget with expected number of participants
  5. Preliminary program, including number of days, main topics, number of sessions, etc.
  6. Business registration and other documents (application form will be developed).

*Results will be published on the website along with written confirmation to applicant.

* A contract should be signed by both parties outlining terms and conditions.

* Final report of event has to be submitted to the Jordan Convention Bureau/ Jordan Tourism Board.

*Applicants must return part of funding (or not use it) if attendance targets are not reached.

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